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Frederic Vidal's Punk Rock band est. 1977, BrAmStOcKeR is the reference of 50% of his activities (music), 50 other % are since 2003 and his immigration in the United States (he's now French and American) for the movie industry (the French Cop universe-franchise he has created since 2006 until now).

BrAmStOcKeR signs a French Blog with Frederic Vidal for some more texts!

BrAmStOcKeR signs a French Blog with Frederic Vidal for some more texts!

From Santa Monica, California, Frederic Vidal (where he plays daily his new songs) selects Overblog, a French Web company for free blogs to write and diffuse this August some more texts before a definitive New Style Of Com (NSOC) with his band, BrAmStOcKeR.

Last membership after the original one (Punk, United Kingdom, 1977), LinkedIn:


and here: http://bramstocker.over-blog.com/

Frederic during the shooting of a version of SECRET STARS of his composition for Web diffusion, the song being a tribute to the franchise MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, released online on INSTAGRAM, the week of FALLOUT, the 6th installment of the Tom Cruise blockbuster, in the theaters (Friday, July 27). The song could be BrAmStOcKeR's breakthrough as the challenge is in progress to play it, with the film, more or less! TIMefraMES

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