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Frederic Vidal's Punk Rock band est. 1977, BrAmStOcKeR is the reference of 50% of his activities (music), 50 other % are since 2003 and his immigration in the United States (he's now French and American) for the movie industry (the French Cop universe-franchise he has created since 2006 until now).

M:I $438M worldwide! Part 5-15/2: BrAmStOcKeR's I Wanna Hold Your Charts, FV Song from POTS, Played a First Time this Monday!

Tom Cruise: $438M worldwide!

The M:I is on our list for the tribute song. It's a good sign and a record for the actor (I co-manage a little since Risky Business as I'm his style 50%. So, he co-manages me also. We have to take care about these stories of alter egos. By the way, I like also Robert Downey for instance a lot) who is co-producer (Tom) for PARAMOUNT of our famous series of the 1960's that continues. Let's continue this article the same way, not like in a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE but like in a STAR TREK episode (the great competitor of the Spy TV show FYIat that time).

Our tablets are compatible with the universe of Shatner and Roddenberry and we don't do espionage but science fiction. M:I on the screen, ST as a book to follow, partly this one, the 'Captain Log' in my post-60's personal spin-off postquel (or whatever almost the same): STAR TREK, FAR, FAR AWAY (I can play the commandant, we have French words in America, another motto!&

Let's continue we just said. I was waiting for you. Diary Ok but this full-time on the set, rolling audio, video look-a-like with so many paparazzi, considering visitors are camera addicted, them positively and I feature a first pic by somebody else. So, where were we, there, basically to have in mind our 4 targets :and also the songs): 

1. Endurance 

7 hours, it's almost the regular time you give to your employer or your company.. I don't feel too tired at all. On the contrary, I have my mind set on you, my success I want in a second time IN VENUES with a CACHET (we have French words in A. - FWIA), not only Tips that are normally with the bill.

My endurance, it's still 59 or 65, never to resign, always to support the pain, to schedule a plan to receive more and more results of favorable appreciations to increase energy, motivation and inner resources still available after all this time like gold is still somewhere in the mountains of Califirnia

2. Inspiration

For this, I have this concept of EXTENDED PLAYS that is really unbelievable. I have this gift, from Jazz and classic, to upgrade, empower the song until no end. But Pier = END Route 66 and nothing else at this highest level. So, there will be the RADIO EDITS of the 36 songs :of the 3 LPs, POTS, F-Punk and Prototype debut album) for September 10. My birthday. not only thr day to prevent Terrorism to do it again

3. Public Relation

Next text.

4. Construction

Next text.

Picture Sunday, August 13. 2018. Frederic Vidal with his guitar on the Santa Monica Pier. Anonymous author.

(c) 2018, Frederic Vidal's Diary on OVER-BLOG, a content for the CIRCUIT BOARDS(tm) program. All rights reserved. A TIMefraMES productionbfor BrAmStOcKeR(tm). 

Double Motto (August 2018): 

To be and not to be, never again (or not anymore)

59, from 59, in 19, of the 21st century!

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